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(8/1/16) Notice: Errett suffered two bad falls in 2012, resulting in debilitating spinal fractures which currently leave him unable to teach regular classes. However, he would enjoy giving occasional private lessons/coaching for a day at a time. Accordingly he will accept students for Saturday afternoons for spring, summer, and fall this year (2016) and beyond (health permitting). 12 Noon- 4 PM) = $20. Other times to suit your schedule.

If you want to contact Errett for a possible private lesson, or to get on the mailing list for announcements, send your name and address to:

Errett Callahan
2 Fredonia Ave.
Lynchburg, VA 24503
Phone: 434-528- 3444
(or print an addressed letter page viewed here)



“As for percussion bifaces, you are the best in the world.”
The Late Dr. Francois Bordes, Bordeaux, France, April 1977

“Thank you for unselfishly sharing your vast knowledge with me. I can assure you that any information you instilled in me will be passed on to my future students. I only hope I can do as good of a job as you have passing on traditions and values along with knowledge. I feel fortunate to now be both a student and friend of yours . . . . . During my Division 1 wrestling career at Ohio State University, I was coached by numerous Olympians and other World Class athletes . . . Errett Callahan, by far, is the greatest instructor of them all. He not only has a mastery over flintknapping and primitive skills as a whole, but he is a gifted teacher as well. Also to his credit, he is a man who takes time to discuss and pass down morals and values to his students, friends, and family, and lives by them as well . . . I am now extremely fortunate to be among those who consider him a role model, a teacher, and a friend.”
William Schindler – Director, Center For Experimental Archeology

“Your concern and patience with the people you are teaching is fantastic. You have a wonderful ability to make people feel confident about what they are doing. You make your lectures interesting and yet light and humorous. You can keep a person’s attention for long periods of time with your easy manner of teaching…”
Rod Johnson

“Thank you all for opening your home to me and taking the time to teach, cook, and just talk around the fire. Errett, you are an inspiration to anyone doing primitive technology, and people that have not experienced you do not know what they have missed.”
Doug Meyer

“There are remarkable parallels between you and Heifitz. Heifitz played with matchless precision, yet somehow he endowed the music with a glow that leaves the listener wondering if he truly heard what his ears had beheld. So I remember your master class. Certainly the students of Heifitz…must have felt as I did–that I was witnessing greatness, and I was fortunate to have been present…”
Dr. Barbara Harkness, Kent State Univ. 12 DE ’87

For a thorough review of our Flintknapping workshop, see Chris Wallace’s article, “Flintknapping Workshop,” in KNIVES ILLUSTRATED, May 1996: 80-83. (We’ll send you a copy if you’d like.)